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Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849-1909


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A nice cool East windy day...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_126_01

A sister now having been to Mrs. Bullard's...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_085_01

A sleepy sister on account of being out late...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_093_01

And I wish I had my own dear warm little Fuff...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_057_01

Book Insert collection

Identifier: 0186
Collection Scope and Content

There is a large range of material types in this collection including photographs, clippings, correspondence, and greeting cards. Because they have been arranged by the author's last name, followed by the publication title, there should be an opportunity to uncover some interesting trivia or insights.

Dates: 1839-1998

Cora and I have been to Carrie's to dinner...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_128_01

Give my love to Eva...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_071_01

I am so sleepy with the cool evening...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_067_01

I did have the best time yesterday...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_062_01

I did have the very nicest time last night!

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_061_01

I didn't read a word in the cars...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_058_01

I don't believe you were half so sad...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_060_01

I don't know what time my letters stray along to you...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_111_01

I don't seem to have much to tell...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_108_01

I found that I had forgotten about the gig...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_127_01

I found your beautiful letty when I came out from breakfast...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_082_01

I got your two good letters yesterday...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_075_01

I had a beautiful time at dinner last night...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_095_01

I had a delightful sail down the bay...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_098_01

I had a good long afternoon's work...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_055_01

I had a prosperous journey...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_099_01

I had such a nice time with dear Alice Howe...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_120_01

I must begin to write my letters over night again...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_076_01

I send you a long and appealing letter from the Judge...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_109_01

I shall come tomorrow at six...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_118_01

I shall send such a short letter...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_092_01

I should think our parrot would have thought...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_121_01

I started in for a great letter this morning...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_094_01

I suppose you will be getting my budgets...

 Digital Record
Identifier: MWWC0196_02_00_107_01

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