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Joseph Wolfberg collection

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Documents, ephemera, artifacts, and a/v materials collected and created by Prof. Joseph Wolfberg in his over 30 years teaching at UNE and Westbrook College.

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8/2/2022 - Hippocrates Cafe, 10 mugs, Brochures - "Good Medicine" Binder from PA Class of 2017 to Prof. Wolfburg offering thanks and support - "Intelligence is the Light of Truth" Parker Timothy, student letter to Prof. Wolfburg - Publications from elders "Seniority Rules" by Jane S. Aberlin "Who Said You Could Die?" by Becky Chapman Bush "House Calls with John" by John Radebaugh M.D. "Against All Odds; A Miracle of Holocaust Survival" by Edith Lucas Pagelson - Publications from Students "Soul Mates" by Ian Hayes Nagus 8/16/22 Cuba - Poster of Che and Fidel Castro, signed by Fidel Castro - Che T-Shirt - "Che; A Revolutionary Icon" by Luis Enrique Martinez - CD Rafael Miranda Obras, San Juan, Cuba - Photos of Cuba And Students, 1998 - Correspondence re: Clinical Rotation in Cuba, 2015 - Newspaper Clippings and Articles - Cuba resolution to lift sanctions and normalize trade relations - Exhibit Catalog, Manuel Lopez Oliva, Repertorio - Trip Planning - tickets, verification of approval, itinerary, ephemera, License from U.S. treasury - The Maine-Cuba Connection, Button, Articles, Correspondence, Raphael Miranda visit - Clippings and articles - Correspondence arranging support for trip - Photos Native American Issues - DVD "Maine Indian Education" - Deanna Francis Scholarship - Photo 1st Passamaquoddy student - IPE trip to Washington County, clippings and UNE Magazine Veterans - Rotary/Soldiers at Ease Certificate, 2006 - Veterans History Project, DVD, Consent, release, and questions - Clippings, OT Practice 8/20/12 - Maine Military and Community Network Coin of Excellence Elder Programs, Eldercircle, Elder Center, Living Tapestry - Portland review Article Vol. 7 1987 p. 2 Elder Circle - Photo 1/85, Wolfberg, Hayom - Photo Definition of Elder recipient - Clipping Living Tapestry - Photos end of program event - 4 DVDs Living Tapestry - Elder Circle certificate - Photos, IGEP Event, Al Waterman - Correspondence - Photo PA Class '17 or '18 with Don Spear UNE/Professional - Seemorg Matrix certificates (2) - New Horizons Academy, 2001 - UNE Bowling Award, 2006 - Cultural Competency in Health Care - DVD, Cultural Competency in Health Care Celebation - Photo w/ Sen. Bill Cohen - Curtis Willey Memorial 5k 5/12/12 - Program, 10th Annual Interprofessional Spring Symposium 4/5/12 - Poster, Employee Bragging Rights Competition, Spring 2017 - Photo, PA students and staff - Photos - Boat Guatemala, Grilling, Bowling, Students - Poem, Steps - Cards, Thank-yous from students - Photos, Sand Therapy - Artwork SEA Personal - Cards, Thank yous - Memorial Day Program 5/30/22 - DVD Sisters of 77 - Photo Maine Coast Fitness - Photo, Obit, James V. DiVirgilio Jr., 2021 - Clipping, Inner Guide Mid March Mid May 1995 - Poem, "For Gabrielle from Papa Joe" 3/9/00 - Characture - Flyer, Brentwood Beach Health Club - Tree Certificate, Suseph Wolfberg - Sermon #5 - Certificate, 1981 Christmas Window Decorating Contest Award, Maine Reason for Jewelry - Lyrics, "The Lady is a Tramp" - Poster, Porchfest Deering Center 2019 - Plaque, Who's Who Honored Professional, 2000 - "The Life of Joseph Wolfberg" by Jacob Benson and Hermine Djounda - Creativity and Curiosity in Educational Community - West Philadelphia High School Diploma 1956 - "The Flame" WPHS yearbook 1956 Publications - "Coyote Medicine" by Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D. - "Narrative Medicine" by Mehl-Madrona - "Stateless in Shanghai" Liliane Willens - "The Footprints of the Pheasant in the Snow" Johnston - "Symphony of Spirits" Deborah A Forrest, Ph.D. - "Of Sons and Seasons" William Cohen - "Healing Our Differences" Airhihenbuwa - "National Geographic" Aug. 2012 - "Woman Who Glows in the Dark" Elena Avila with Joy Parker - "Retirement: The Challenge of Change" ed. by E. Michael Brady - "Our Seas of Fear and Love" Richard Shain Cohen - "Only God can Make a Tree" Richard Shain Cohen and Alfred Robert Cohen - "Fiddleheads" - "Mystic Journey" Robert Atkinson 8/30/22 Elder - Award from Congress Sq. Tenants Assoc. and Staff 8/1995 - Certificate of Recognition for Extraordinary Public Service from the The Jefferson awards 2/28/86 - Eldercare Journey Poster 8/24/2019 - Certificate Community Cable Network 1989 Best Program in Health, "Living Tapestries" - Brown/Clear Bag Practice Manual, (IGEP, Prescription evaluation clinic, medication management) - Director's Slate Honor for "Living Tapestries" 10/16/91 - Don Spear UNE Life Review Project Book Veterans - Valley Forge General Hospital, Certificate of Appreciation, Benjamin Wolfberg and Sons, Jewelers 2/11/74 UNE - Certificate recognizing Hippocrates Cafe Steering Committee - Photo - Joe w/plaque 2017 - Photo - Veteran Bench plaque - Regalia hood Cuba - 2 taped lectures Personal - Photo Book, Monserrat, elder trip to Jamaica - Photo Maine Coast Fitness award presentation July 1997 - 4 trophies 2/6/97, 7/97, 4/97, 11/13/98 - weightlifting glove - Certificate 3rd place wheelchair race Student gifts, thank yous, tributes - Framed eroded rocks - "For Joe" Circle of Love framed - "Teacher" on Birch Bark summer '85 - "Lisa Schraff" Markus Z.? - Photo, Joe and PA Graduates - Photo "Presence" stone w/note - "Most likely to Make Your Day with a Smile" 5/5/15 9/13/22 Guatemala Photo Album, Seemorg Technique Native American Issues (Books) -"Living Our Language, Ojibwe Tales and Oral Histories" edited by Anton Treuer - "Biographies and Legends of the New England Indians, Vol. 1" Leo Bonfanti - "Sunrise at Sipayik; A Passamaquoddy Tribal and Personal Oral History" As Told by David A. Francis to Karen Schaumann - "Remember Me; Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt" Donald Soctomah and Jean Flahive ill. by Mary Beth Owens - "Passamaquoddy / Maliseet Reference Book" Produced by: Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Bilingual Program under Title VII; Under the direction of: Joseph A Nicholas, Director; David A. Francis, coordinator; Alberta Nicholas Bilingual Secretary Personal - "The Anatomy of Hope" Jerome Groopman - "The Blooming of a Lotus" Thich Nhat Hanh - "The Raven Steals the Light" reid and Bringhurst - "Positive Spirituality in Health Care" Frederic C. Craigie Jr. Ph.D - "Bring Peace" Thich Nhat Hanh - "The gift of Years" Joan Chittister - "Philadelphia Neighborhoods" Gus Specter - Annual Report Reiki Community Health and Wellbeing LLC UNE - Exhibit catalog "Ahead of Her Time: The Life and Work of Nancy Hemenway Barton" - Book "The Scalpel and the Bear" Lori Arviso Alvord, MD and Elizabeth Cohen Van Pelt Elder - "Make me Shine, Shine, Shine, An Anthology of Prose and Poetry" Writers of 75 State Street - "Danny, You Can't Park There; Stories of My Life" N. Daniel Dunitz Veterans - "The Spiritual Journey of a Brave Heart" Basil Brave Heart - "At Hell's Gate; A Soldier's Journey from War to Peace" Claude Anskin Thomas - "Our General, Our Friend" Eric M. Daniels and Jessica M. Daniels - "The Warrior Ethos" Steven Pressfield - "Nam Vet" Chuck Dean Students - "The Bone Box Chronicles; Rantings and Ravings of a Damaged Mind" Robin Lynn Behl Framed Items - Portrait of Joe by Joe Caputo - Diploma, Drexel Institute of Technology 1967 - Certificate of Appreciation, Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management - Certificate of Recognition, The Division on Aging in COM UNE - YMCA Anchorage Alaska Letter of Appreciation 7/20/64 - UNE Plaque Joseph Wolfberg Service Award - Honorable Discharge 12/1967 - "The Muse" 9/27/22 - Joe's Tapestry of Life Box - photos, clippings, ids, 1964 Alaska Earthquake - Plant Knife and Bag (2) - Passamaquoddy - Bear Bag - Talking Sticks (2) - Made by Joe - American Flag - 8"x13.5" - Necklace - made by head of PA program from Pacific Northwest tribe - Feather Bag - Drum Mallet - Heart Bag - Leaders Hat (Robinhood Style) - Paracord Bracelet - Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace - Wolf Plaque Folder - Elder Choices Brochure, - Meeting Schedule, - Aging Gracefully workshop, - UNE News "Through UNE Program, health professions students learn from elder teachers in the community Books - "Barn Politics", Philip Marshall - "Braiding Sweetgrass; Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants" Robin Wall Kimmerer - "Stress in Medicine" Dr. Nina Ahuja, MD - "Surviving PA School" John Bielinski - "Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy" Eric Berne, MD - "Games People Play; The Basic Handbook of Transactional Analysis" Eric Berne, MD - "Breakfast at the Victory" James P. Carse - "The Reinvention of Work" Matthew Fox - "A Spirituality Named Compassion and the Healing of teh Global Village, Humpty Dumpty, and Us." Matthew Fox 11/29/22 Files - Elder Issues: Ephemera and Newspaper Clippings - Elder Issues: New Dimensions for Life Long Learning - Elder Circle / USM, 1987 - 1989 - Elder Circle Grant, 1985 - 1987 - Elder Issues: Ann Searcy - Elder issues: Mercy Hospital Creative Aging, Lecture Series - Emotional Intelligence Course, 2017 - Elder Circle: Joe's Magic Kitchen, 1991, 1992? - Elder Circle: Elder Choices - Elder Circle: Ephemera - Elder Circle: Elder Choices - Elder Circle: Living Tapestries - Elder Circle: Recipes for Life - Medicine Bag - Faculty Self Care Map, 2013/2014 - Becoming a Health Care Professional 2 folders - Elders Arts Program, Cedars Nursing Home, 2018 - 2020 - Don Spear, 2020 - Pharmacy Course, "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck 2/14/23 - "Reflections," Board, pieces, and examples of use created by Joe circa 1993 - Reference Materials Binder, articles and handouts - "More Than Wanderers" course materials taught with Steve Foote - IGEP, materials, clippings - "Transforming Pharmacy Practice" article - Course materials, 2 folders, Integrative Medicine and Prevention of Burnout -"Life Story Book" chapter - Elder Circle, funding 3/21/23 - Grant Proposal - Raising Places; Building Child Centered Communities, Jean Woodward Dean Pharmacy - Binder - Exploring Our Multi-dimensional Selves: A Shamanic Perspective, 2013 Notary Public materials, - Sm. bottel water, - Embosser, - Stamp, - Binder of weddings and ceremonies, - State of Maine Notary Public Handbook, - National Notary Guide and Record Book, - wedding script, - wedding photo Seemorg Matrix - testing vials, 3 boxes, 3 bags - "tester" - "Healing the Wounded Spirit; A Seemorg Matrix Work Manual - "Seemorg Matrix Work Level 1 Manual with Family Clearing Protocols - Seemorg Matrix Work Appendices for Level 3 and 4 Manual - Transparencies - Matrix Work Level 1 Manual - Matrix Work Level 1 Manual in Spanish - Wiselight Institute trainers Retreat - Book - Jazz by Herb Snitzer - Matrix Work Level 1 Manual 1st ed. - "The Practice of Direct Awakening" - "You Can Heal Now; The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)" - Seemorg Meditation handouts - Seemorg Matrix Work Level 1 Manual 3rd ed. - "The Unseen Therapist; One Natural Remedy for Everything Emotions . . . Pain . . . Diseases" By Gary Craig - Seemorg Matrix Work Basic Manual 4th ed. - Theories, Ideas, and Protocols for Energetic Psychotherapy by Oceana del Fuego - "Tapas Acupressure Technique Trauma Treatment Workshop Manual", 5/14/05 - "Mindfulness Skills Workbook for Clinicians and Clients" CDs - Body Scan, 3 discs - Autogenic Relaxation, 1 disc - The Power of One by Patricia Diane Cote-Robles - I am Love by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles Seemorg - Seemorg Matrix Work Presence Manual - Binder "Living From Your Soul; Course Session Transcript" - Book "Instant Healing" by Dr. Kam Yuen - Seemorg Matrix Work "Working with the Depth Psyche Manual" 1st ed. - Binder - "Guided Imagery, Meditation, Relaxation" - Binder - Inner Healer - Binder - "The Practice of Direct Awakening with Craig Hamilton" module - Tapas Acupressure Technique Workshop Manual 5/14/05 WiseLight - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationships and Brain Chemistry 2001 - Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Seminar 10/04 WiseLight - Allergy Antidotes; A Manual for the Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergies - Training Materials Seemorg Matrix - Muscle Testing for Energy Psychotherapy 2/19/05 WiseLight WiseLight - Your Healing with Cate Holloway, forms, dupes, EFT Instruction - WiseLight Muscle Testing Teaching outline - Energy Psychotherapy Modalities, WiseLight Institute for Energy Psychotherapy - Binder - The Practical Pendulum Book - Basic Dowsing Workshop 2/22/04 - Book - The Pendulum Charts Knowing Your Intuitive Mind - Book - The Pendulum Workbook - Binder - DMA Basic Course Manual / Instructors Manual - Book - Using Energy Psychotherapy to Clear the Energy Imprint of Addictive Substances - Binder - Thought Field Therapy