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Subject Source: TGM II, Genre and physical characteristic terms

Found in 206 Collections and/or Records:

A. Carman Clark papers

Identifier: 0054
Collection Scope and Content

The A. Carman Clark Papers contain diverse material types: diary/journals covering 30 years; manuscript, draft and printed columns, articles and books; research files composed of clippings, notes, and correspondence; extensive correspondence; information on memberships, awards, teaching and conferences; and memorabilia including photographs, school papers and her typewriter. Audiovisual materials and books have been removed to their respective general collections.

Dates: 1917-2005; Majority of material found within 1960-2003

Abagail Burnell letters

Identifier: 0034
Collection Scope and Content

The letters from Burnell to her mother are handwritten in phonetic English with many traditional misspellings. In most cases, a typed transcription including the misspelled words accompanies the letter. The topics of the letters include visits from neighbors, the importance of rest, chopping firewood, and how difficult it is to write when tired.

Dates: 1855-1857

Abba Goold Woolson collection

Identifier: 0391
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes two letters and a photograph.

Dates: 1880-1881

Abbie Bartlett Shapleigh correspondence

Identifier: 0316
Collection Scope and Content This collection consists entirely of correspondence as original letters and their typed transcriptions. The more than 200 letters cover the years between 1860 and 1892. Almost all of the letters were written by Abbie Shapleigh and directed to her children, her daughter receiving the large majority of them, her siblings, her husband, and Mrs. Thorpe. Abbie Shapleigh traveled extensively--her letters from the Poland Spring House in Poland Spring, Maine reference the curative powers of the...
Dates: 1860-1902

Abbie Huston Evans collection

Identifier: 0113
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes biographical notes, correspondence, news clippings, and typescripts.

Dates: 1964-1988

Abbie S. Beede papers

Identifier: 0020
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes family correspondence, postcards, property deeds, Pinkham family genealogy and a photograph of the Beede home.

Dates: 1837-1985, undated; Majority of material found within 1878-1926

Abbie Sewall collection

Identifier: 0321
Collection Scope and Content

Includes correspondence with MWWC, lecture and articles.

Dates: 1988-1989

Ada Pierce McCormick collection

Identifier: 0217
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes biographical info, full issues of Letter Magazine 1943-47, and articles and booklets.

Dates: 1923-1984, undated

Alice Mariett collection

Identifier: 0214

Alice Parkman collection

Identifier: 0269
Collection Scope and Content

Includes correspondence.

Dates: 1906-1914, undated

Alicia Kaye Smith collection

Identifier: 0317
Collection Scope and Content

Contains an obituary.

Dates: 1935-1993

Ann Beattie papers

Identifier: 0019
Collection Scope and Content This collection consists of a 433-pp. typescript of Beattie's novel Falling in Place (1981), with the author's inscription on the title page, and a collection of personal correspondence from Beattie to Burt Britton from 1976-1996. Included among the 100 items are letters, postcards, greeting cards, telegrams, collages, drawings, clippings, photographs, place cards and ephemera, most of which were posted from Beattie's home in Charlottesville, VA, as well as from Maine and places to which she...
Dates: 1976-1996; undated

Ann S. Attwood papers

Identifier: 0003
Collection Scope and Content

Includes original correspondence.

Dates: 1854-1886

Ann S. Stephens collection

Identifier: 0319
Collection Scope and Content

The majority of the collection material consists of Stephens' published works in periodicals of her time, including an 1859 open letter to Victor Hugo. Also included are one manuscript poem, a bibliography of her published pieces in The Ladies Companion, 1838-1839, and a piece combining biographical information and literary criticism of Ann Stephens written in 1880.

Dates: 1835-1980

Anna Barrows papers

Identifier: 0018
Collection Scope and Content This collection includes several folders of Barrows' notes and drafts of lectures on the subject of demonstration lectures. Also included are some of Barrows' published articles and other ephemeral material on the topic of home economics education. There is correspondence between family members, a number of Barrows' vital records (birth certificate, will, etc.), and material relating to Barrows' interest in gardening, antiques, and rare books. The collection includes over 30 original...
Dates: 1861-1948

Anna Holt Henderson collection

Identifier: 0159
Collection Scope and Content

Includes correspondence and an article.

Dates: 1978-1979

Anne Hazlewood-Brady papers

Identifier: 0158
Collection Scope and Content The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, articles, playbills and personal papers. The first series consists of unpublished poetry, college plays, speeches, notes, and manuscripts of published works. The second series includes correspondence with family, friends, fellow artists, publishers, and political figures, documenting Hazlewood-Brady's involvement in women's activities, personal relationships, and literary pursuits. The third series relates to Hazlewood-Brady's...
Dates: 1958-2001

Anne R. Witten collection

Identifier: 0392
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes articles, correspondence, and performance publicity.

Dates: 1972-1992

Audrey White Beyer papers

Identifier: 0021
Collection Scope and Content

This collection includes typescripts of Beyer's early poetry and prize-winning articles, as well as of her four young adult novels, published from 1959-1968. Page proofs, dummies, advertisements, reviews, and correspondence with publishers and readers are included. A small amount of biographical material is included, as well as several photographs of Beyer and a pencil portrait.

Dates: 1935-1985

Barbara Banker Kamar collection

Identifier: 0430
Collection Scope and Content The Barbara Banker Kamar collection is comprised of correspondence and memorabilia, with supporting biographical material. In Series 1, correspondence is arrayed over three major periods of Kamar's life: her years at Mount Holyoke College when she and her family wrote almost daily at times, her years as a WAC in Georgia and Washington, and from the 1950s and 1960s when Charles Kamar was in the Army. Series 2 contains memorabilia from Barbara Banker's time at Mount Holyoke, and undated notes....
Dates: 1885-2012, undated; Majority of material found within 1935-1946

Berenice Abbott collection

Identifier: 0004
Collection Scope and Content This collection consists primarily of published articles about Abbott and her work, dating from the 1970's into the 1990's. Also included are exhibition catalogs and ephemera from the exhibits which featured Abbott's work, material regarding awards received, and a small amount of correspondence from Abbott to the MWWC. There is also documentation about the collection of photographs donated by Abbott to Westbrook College in 1985--now located in the University of New England Art Gallery...
Dates: 1950-1991

Bertha S. Harmon collection

Identifier: 0160
Collection Scope and Content

Includes correspondence, article and color photograph.

Dates: 1978, 1991

Bhima MacDonald Sturtevant papers

Identifier: 0324
Collection Scope and Content

This collection contains essays, poetry, manuscripts, maps, photographs, clippings, research and correspondence. Her research topics include islands, health, dancing, food, humor, music, transportation, the city of Portland and Abigail May. Some notable correspondents include Elizabeth Coatsworth, Hazel Wilson, Mary Worthley, Loring Williams and Dorothy Healy. Also included is information relating to the Old Orchard Beach Historical Society.

Dates: 1814-2000

Blaisdell family letters

Identifier: 0027
Collection Scope and Content

A collection of 123 letters, most of which are addressed to either Mrs. F. W. (Lucy) Blaisdell or to her daughter Elizabeth Pierce Blaisdell Dolan. The collection also contains Elizabeth's 1942 diary.

Dates: 1879-1947

Blanche Willis Howard collection

Identifier: 0161
Collection Scope and Content

This collection contains samples of Howard's literary work in manuscript form, biographical information, correspondence, business papers with her publishers, and estate documents. Some items are in German.

Dates: 1847-1906

Boardman-Smith collection

 Collection — Box 01: [Barcode: 25232001049709]
Identifier: 0002
Scope and Contents This collection is comprised primarily of correspondence between (and to) Raymond H. Boardman and Lillian L. Smith. There are letters from other correspondents, family photographs, and a few items of ephemera. Letters to Raymond from his hometown friends focus primarily on their relationships with women and how they are finding ways to have fun. There are a few letters to Lillian from other service men. Letters from Lillian to Raymond recount daily activities and lament his absence. There...
Dates: 1915-1943, undated

Book Insert collection

Identifier: 0186
Collection Scope and Content

There is a large range of material types in this collection including photographs, clippings, correspondence, and greeting cards. Because they have been arranged by the author's last name, followed by the publication title, there should be an opportunity to uncover some interesting trivia or insights.

Dates: 1839-1998

Bradford Dudley Daziel collection

Identifier: 0087
Collection Scope and Content

Includes correspondence and copy of his dissertation.

Dates: 1975-1992

Brenda Shaw collection

Identifier: 0325
Collection Scope and Content

Includes reviews, publicity letter and brochure.

Dates: 1996-1997

Carol Armstrong collection

Identifier: 0005
Collection Scope and Content

The collection includes correspondence from Carol Armstrong to Dorothy Healy, some of it on cards designed by Armstrong.

Dates: 1986-1987